July 08, 2011

Where is the Ring Bearer?

    You have met my flower girls, My bridesmaids, and even Juan's Groomsmen. So I bet about now you are wondering where is the Ring bearer? Well the thing  is we are ring bearer less... Yes we have adorable little boys in the family that we could ask... Heck we could even ask my little niece to do it.

     We are planning on buying a puppy soon so why not use our future puppy? Trust me I LOVE this idea but with us getting married in a church I don't think that would go over very well. Plus my odd fear of the puppy jumping on me and ruining my dress... I wonder if this is a fear of any of the ring bearer dog brides?
    So I think at least as of right now we are going to have a wedding without a cute little boy or dog having stunt rings on a pillow (yep even if we did have one we would only have stunt rings on the pillow)

    How did you choose your ring bearer? Or to even have one?


  1. I also LOVE the idea of a dog as a ring bearer, as odd as that may sound. But, unless you have an outdoor wedding, it's kind of impossible. It was too "if-y" for me as well because who knows what that dog will do! Last thing you want is a bathroom break on the isle. ha. I'm not having a ring bearer or a flower girl. I feel like it's kind of an unnecessary tradition that really doesn't mean anything to my fiance and I...so why do it? Good luck with figuring it out!

  2. LOL I didn't even think of a bathroom break. Thanks for helping me stick with my no ring dog idea lol!


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