January 01, 2013

What to toss?

      I have been going back and forth on what to toss when the Mr and I are announced Husband and Wife. I was not sure if I wanted to do bubbles, confetti, or something different all together. I wanted to skip this all together because I don't really like the idea of paying for something for people to throw at us (and I don't think the guests would miss it or even realize we didn't have it) but the Mr said that we needed it so these are the options we have come up with.

    Bubbles can be really pretty! It can make for some great photographs and less face it the bubbles are not so badly priced. But if it is windy then they will all blow away, leaving no bubbles for pretty pictures. If they spill they can leave stains on the guest pretty dress clothes, and make a big mess with the little ones. I think bubbles are pretty expected also every wedding I have gone to in the past few years has had bubbles. I understand why it is the "Safe" option I just don't know if it is the right choice for us!

     Then there is Confetti! This was off the bat a no with our venue. They told us they would charge us an arm and a leg for the clean up of all the confetti. UNTIL I did my research! I found out that there is bio-degradable confetti that all you have to do is  take a hose to it and there you go all cleaned up!! Our venue liked the idea of this and told us that if we picked bio-degradable confetti they would allow it. I made sure to get that in writing on our contract. If your venue is not originally open to the idea you have in mind make sure to talk with them you might be surprised! 

   But the good and bad points of confetti.... It is pretty and just like bubbles can make for some great pictures! It comes in all different colors so your confetti can match your wedding colors if you care about that. It is bio-degradable so clean up is easy and it is not bad for the environment. BUT if it is windy it can make it so that the confetti just floats away... The confetti is not all that badly priced BUT you also need to to find a way to package the confetti adding another expense to the wedding. I can see how it may be hard to get out of your hair and anywhere else it might find its way too... I am still not 100% sold on confetti so lets take a look at the next option!

      Sprinkles? Ya sounds cute right little sugar candies being thrown at you... Not as cute anymore right? My cousin and one of my bridesmaids linked me to this picture in form of a Pinterest pin, and told me it would go amazing with my bright summery wedding and yes it would probably be pretty I can see this turning into a big melty, colorful, sugary mess. I am getting married in August the chances someone is going to have sweaty hands that will make those sprinkles wet and then throw those sprinkles at me in a big white dress... I dont want my dress stained or that big sugary mess... (plus this seems like a waste of sprinkles to me and there is no way my venue would ever agree to this) So before sprinkles could even have a chance they are cut out of the running... 

     Sparklers are a very photogenic option! And super fun for in the evening when it is dark and would be a even funner option for a 4th of July wedding! Once again they make for some great pictures! I think children and adults could have fun with them. They are a bit more expensive than the other options (for my wedding could not do this for under 200 dollars) Sometimes sparklers can be VERY hard to light making it so that some of your guests might not even be able to get theirs lighted and that would be a bummer. Plus a lot of venues have restrictions about sparklers for exits so you want to make sure that it is ok with your venue before you make this investment for your wedding. I would love to have sparklers at my wedding but I don't know if it fits in our already tight budget or if our venue would even allow it!

     I have a lot to think about with the Mr as we pick out what we will use for our send off... What will you be using for your send off?