March 06, 2013

Tutus for the Flower girls!

      So I am jumping on the band wagon of Flower girls in tutus!  I love how adorable little girls look in tutus and I know how to make them so I figured why not? Now here is where the trouble came in.... I was talking to my flower girls (AKA my daughters) and told them they get to wear tutus for the wedding they were very excited but were not too happy with my choice of white. I was thinking of tutus like this pretty white and long. But my stubborn little girls think that tutus mean PINK!
     I admit every tutu I have made the girls up to this point has had pink in them (I still haven't gotten around to making their Oregon Ducks tutus yet even though I have the tulle...) So it is partly my fault... But I want the girls in white so I made a deal with the girls. They will wear the long white tutus for the wedding BUT they get short hot pink ones for the reception. It took a little while to convince the Mr. That this was a good idea BUT I told him the girls will be able to move around and have more fun in the short ones. Plus what girl does not love a wardrobe change? 

     So I have already made the hot pink ones! (Slacking a little bit on making the white ones) But I thought I would share pictures of my little girls reception tutus! They are shorter than the white ones are going to be and SUPER FLUFFY! Each tutu has 100 yards of tulle that is one super tutu! These things could pretty much stand on their own they have so much tulle. When I had the little ones try them on  they were beyond excited and kept on commenting on how they were just like ballerinas! 
     If you haven't noticed the adorable hangers I have the tutus on here is a closer look! Yep they say flower girl on them how adorable is that! I was not sure how the tutus would look on the hangers so I almost didn't even order them for my daughters but I am so glad that I did! I can not take credit for the hangers though I got those from WishUponStarfish! I seriously can not say enough times how AMAZING her products are! If you are in the market for personalized hangers her shop is seriously a no brainier! 

     What do you think of a flower girl outfit change? And if you are planning your wedding (or already married) what will/did your flower girls wear?