June 27, 2012

Xperience days GIVEAWAY!

Xperience Days is giving away a $75 voucher towards the unique Xperience you want to try.
 So in the stress of wedding planning be honest how many times have you and your significant other to be taken time off to just spend time alone together?  Well you are in luck I am part of a giveaway for a $75 gift certificate for Xperience Days! You can buy an Experience for you, your significant other, best friend, Or a gift for that person who has everything.
     Some dates you could choose for you and your love are two hour lunch cruise for two in Portland, Oregon or  Whale watching of the coast of Depoe Bay or  off the cost of Los Angeles. There are so many choices in just about every state like if you are in New York or will be traveling to New York this Walking tour of movie locations in central park. could be the perfect choice for a date. There is a package for just about every price range too!
    Or are you and your girls friends or bridesmaids in need of some good girl time (or if just need a break from your other half)? Like this Happy hour tour in south Miami or a Chocolate tasting tour in Los Angeles! Ok well that one might be left until after the wedding and after all the dress fittings!
    Go and check out Xperience Days and look at all they have to offer for your area! What would you spend the $75 dollars on if you won?

This giveaway is host by The Megalomaniac Mommy with help from The Sci-Fi Daddy, Just Becki, Ms Panda, MomAnthology, Supermom on Wheels, and Super Mommy to the Rescue. You can enter to win this awesome giveaway by completing the Rafflecopter form below.

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 Thank you for reading my blog! Good luck on the giveaway and I hope you come back and visit my blog again in the future!

June 26, 2012

Let the crazy begin!

    Wednesday I start summer term. I am only taking 8 credits so I didn't figure it would be too crazy THEN I found out that it is a 11 week course crammed into just 8 little weeks... AHHH and on top of that both of my 4 credit 4 hour classes are BOTH on Wednesday!
    I will be at Chemeketa from 1pm to 10pm with a short break in between classes... What was I thinking?
    So while I am hoping to have time to post I may not have as much time as I would like to devote to my blog. BUT I will try to post at least once a week!
    Thursday I will be posting a GIVEAWAY! So keep your eyes peeled for that! I have another vendor spotlight I am working on! If you missed the last one I posted you should check it out Here

    Ok now I will post what you are all really here for! So Remember my post that I cut the guest list down to 130 and we would be able to have the wedding at my aunts amazing property?)I cant even remember if I blogged about this but if I didn't you now know!) 
     Well that is not working out my nice lovely cut down guest list spiraled out of control.... We are now thinking it is going to be 170 guests but I will be able to have it at Historic Deepwood Estates! YAY! Now we just need to book them! If you don't know about Historic Deepwood Estates you can check my post about them out here Just ignore the part about the bowling alley..
 I am still dead set on having snow cones at the wedding and I will not budge on my Gerber Daisies! I love my short Ouma dress with its layer of tulle and amazingness! But my pretty lace mermaid dress will not be making an appearance at the wedding *Sad face* (the giveaway win)
     Why you ask well lets just say the dress is too short and makes me look like a potato. The straps are too short making the bodice sit at a strange spot on my chest and it just gets worse from there with no figure, loose dress everywhere but my bum, itchy and basically it is not worth all of the changes that would have to be made to make this dress wearable... So I will keep with my amazing Ouma dress
    Now I want to know what is going on with you guys! Where are you in the wedding planning? And how many more days to go? 417 more LONG LONG days for me to go, but I couldn't be more excited! and Remember keep an eye out for a pretty awesome giveaway that will be posted THURSDAY!

June 24, 2012

Vendor spotlight- Wish Upon a Starfish

     I have been looking around for those AMAZING bridal hangers that you see just about everywhere when I came across Wish Upon a Starfish on Etsy! When I noticed that not only are her hangers great they are also one of the best prices I have found so far! The hanger I have pictured personalized to your last name or even just bride for ONLY $10.00!

   But the hangers are just the beginning! She will crystal your shoes, or glitter the soles, make your bouquets, hair flowers or even a crystaled out holder for your bouquet! 

    I mean look at these shoes! you can not tell me that you wouldn't mind a pair of sparkled out heels in your closet! If you are getting married or not! These would be perfect with you wedding dress or a little black dress!

    If you are not into the closed toe shoes she also does open toed heals and will crystal out your favorite pair of shoes for you too! Look at the glitter at the toe part so much extra sparkle!

 If any one has suggestions on how to convince Mr.Panda on why I need a pair of these shoes please share! I mean my birthday is coming up... (hint hint Mr.Panda if you are reading this post)

   And if you are planning a beach wedding her Etsy page is a one stop shop for you! She has the perfect bouquets and decorations for any beach wedding. 

     Look at this Starfish Pomander Kissing Ball! How cute are these I am starting to rethink my wedding maybe I should do a beach wedding? 
Check out her facebook page Here  or her etsy page Here! If you like her Facebook page let her know Ms.Panda Sent you!

And if there are any vendors out there who are interested in me writing about your blog comment with your email and I will contact you!

June 10, 2012

Super points?

So I have been introduced to something awesome called Super Points! All you do is sign up, Invite your friends, and Push a button and you can start earn Pay Pal cash and/or gift cards! The only catch is you need a referral link or invite in order to join... Well I got one for you ! If you sign up and join I know You will not regret it!

June 07, 2012


So the wedding is 435 days away...
I haven't been posting much because to be honest right now I don't have too much I can post! BUT something kinda fun happened I got a E-mail from Bzz Agent! For those of you who don't know what Bzz Agent is a company that sends you products to test out just for your honest opinion! You tell your friends about the product (EVEN IF YOU HATED IT) and that is all they ask!
So I got a Email saying they wanted me to try out the Bic Soleil Savvy Razor! They Claim that it is the convince of a disposable with the quality of a refillable cartage system! I am excited to see if that is true!

It should be shipping out to me soon So I am excited to try it out and let you girls know how well it worked! You can check out there BIC Soleil's facebook page Here They even have a giveaway going on on their page right now go check them out!
And If you are interested in Joining BzzAgent leave me a comment with your E-mail and I can send you an Invite!