November 28, 2012

Holly Mason Jars Batman!

     I told my mom last time I was visiting that I needed some Mason Jars for the wedding. I knew she had some in her garage from her canning kick and figured she should have the 30 or so I needed for the wedding centerpieces and to put along the aisle.

     Last night my dad dropped off the mason jars and HOLLY MASON JARS BATMAN... My dad dropped off 10 boxes! I haven't even attempted to count them yet but I will count them when I have to wash all of them...

     Right about now I wish I had a backyard and a hose instead of planning on doing them one box by one box (that I have to carry up then back down two flights of stairs) in my bathtub or kitchen sink... I am thinking I am going to have to recruit the Mr. to do the lifting!

      Next drop off from the family will be the wine bottles and I know there is at least 50 of those coming my way (even though I need more than 50 of those)! Wondering why I would need 50 Wine bottles? well that is another post for another day! In a few months I will have a very colorful DIY project to share!

     Has your family been helpful with wedding planning? and did you ever put a request out for something and get more than you bargained for? Also share any ideas you have for mason jars I have lots to play with :)

November 21, 2012

Wish Upon Starfish Hanger review and GIVEAWAY!!!

     I love Wish Upon Starfish's Etsy page! There are a pretty good number of her items that I am buying for my wedding! She sells all sorts of products from crystaled out shoes, to bridal hangers, and is now selling headbands sashes and braclets too! She is adding new products to her shop ALL THE TIME! So make sure to check back often to see what new things she has added!
     So the biggest seller is her Personalized Hangers she sells for just $4.50! Weddings are expensive so she trys to keep the costs downs for all brides so that everyone can afford the wedding of their dreams!
     I got my hanger in the mail today and I have to admit I was VERY excited! I got mine to say Mrs Enriquez (my future last name) AHHH I cant wait to get married 269 days to go!
    Now to the review! I got the Hanger in the mail and after a struggle with the postman... (this is a long story lol) I was able to open my mail box and saw my package containing this beauty! The hanger is GREAT quality and I love the color of the dark wood! It is even more rich in color in person! The wire is slightly flexible and I have to say that is a plus because you can fix it if there is any bending from shipping! I love the bow on the top of the hanger it is white just like my dress (no white dress jokes please)!
    I do know that I will be getting one of these for each of my bridesmaids with their name on the wire as part of their bridesmaid gift! I also know that they will LOVE them! I think I am going to have their "getting ready robes" on these in the bridal room waiting for them! (I wonder if I can even set that up)
    I think that these hangers are worth every penny (even if she charged double) and you better believe I will be ordering a whole lot more from her website!
    AND now for the fun part one lucky reader to my blog will be getting their own hanger from  Wish Upon Starfish! Notice the Rafflecopter below well enter in to win a hanger for you or someone you know! One of these hangers would make a great gift for a bride to be! Enter to win one today

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