August 31, 2011

SMILE your on candid camera!

So one of the big wedding trends are Photo Booths. I love them think they are so fun and they double as a favor! The only problem is they are not always very budget friendly...  I figured If decide to spend that much on a strip of photos why not just upgrade and do Flip books? Have you ever seen them? They are AMAZING! 7 seconds of your life in a flip book! Check them out at
So I really want to have the flip books at the wedding and now I just hope I can find some wiggle room in the budget to make them happen.
Is there anything that you would want to squish in your budget?

August 26, 2011

Food for thought...
   So Food has been the biggest drama starter for wedding planning. Juan and I have narrowed down our choices to either BBQ or A taco bar! Both foods are not very "traditional" wedding food.
   But I personally would LOVE to have BBQ and even better they can do the Snow Cones that I so badly want! So not only could I have one of my favorite types of food for the wedding We wouldn't have to rent a snow cone machine and buy all of the syrups and cups and chance having way too much or *Gasp* not enough.
    Now why would food be a drama starter your wondering? Well My grandma thinks that we should do a pot luck reception. And yes that would be great and a real money saver but could you imagine make enough potato salad for 175 guests? I know there is no way I would want to ask anyone to make that much food!
     Now a few other family members think that BBQ is not a good idea. Why you ask well because of the mess... But my Bridal party LOVES the idea! One even told me she would make me a BRIDE BIB (I can be a little messy at times... well most the time) It would be funny and I think would make a great photo op IF we can get the whole wedding party to put one on! But I don't think mine would look like the one pictured. I would want one in our wedding colors :)
    And when looking into prices I have noticed that BBQ from a place that I know will have great food is less than traditional catering and the BBQ includes snow cones and drinks... How could I go wrong with that?
    I think with a little warning and lots of napkins BBQ would be OK. What would you think if you went to a wedding that had BBQ?

August 17, 2011

A guest book to remember!

I asked my mom about the guest book for her and my dads wedding and She told me she had No idea where it even was... So then next time I saw Juan's Parents I asked them the same question and they didn't know where their guest book was either. I couldn't help but think that I wanted to do something different. So there are a lot of other options out there...
The first thing that popped into my head was a finger print tree. Anyone in the wedding world probably knows what I am talking about. You draw/print a picture of a tree on paper then everyone leaves a thumbprint leaf and sign there name to the thumb print! You could also do the Balloon idea (that I love) And then you frame it and hang it on your wall after the wedding. And you get to see your wedding "Guest book" every day! But thinking about it I don't know if as a wedding guest I would want to have ink all over my finger... Yes I know you can use the little wet napkins or other things but I wasn't sure everyone would even use it... So That's when I came up with what I think at least is a great idea!
A wedding guest book BENCH! You take a unfinished wood bench and have everyone sign it with sharpies then after you get back from your honey moon. You put a clear coat on it to protect all of the signatures. You can display it in your home or in your back yard! Either way I know this is what I want to do for our "guest book". To make it even more special we are going to ask one of our grandpas (Both would be very qualified) to make the bench for us (of course we pay for materials) We can choose what colors sharpies we want our guests to use! And I think I even want to use old glass soda bottles with sand at the bottom to put the sharpies in... I have a ton of them and I think it would be really cute!
What do you think of alternative guest books? And even more important (at least to me) what do you think of the guest book bench?

August 15, 2011

Picture This

OK so I have already admitted that I love Taylor Swift (don't judge me) Well when her video Mine came out I couldn't help but notice the hanging pictures... See picture ---->
 How AMAZING would this be at a wedding? Well I think It would be VERY amazing! And I don't want just random pictures of me and the Mr. Hanging no I want our engagement Pictures AND Friends and Family's wedding pictures! I think it would be sweet.
 I have already told family that I need copies of these so I can make copies and do all the work that will be involved in a pretty easy but time consuming DIY project!
 Oh and my Aunt who I told this idea to said it would be also really cute (and rustic) plus easier to just clothes pin the pictures to the string in rows.
 I still don't know what one to do... What do you think? Hanging pictures or Clothes pined pictures?

My newest dream dress....

Bonny Bridal 123
I have a wandering eye when it comes to dresses I will most likely be a 2 dress bride and I am OBSESSED with looking at wedding dresses! My newest love is Bonny Bridals 123! Picture here ---->
Why do I love this dress so much? Probably because the neckline is EVERYTHING I want and my newest wedding dress love is lace! plus I want a sash. Mine would most likely be Hot pink... But still not 100% sure on that...
But I keep wondering would lace be too heavy for a august outdoor wedding? (I am planning on having a 2nd dress to change into) and If i got this dress would I even want to change into a second dress... Probably not.... There is no one in Oregon who sells this dress (this seems to be my BIGGEST issue when dress shopping) But I can find something like it right? Ill have to try on a similar dress to try on and find a Pre-owned dress or get one made for me... But I am so afraid that getting one made for me it wouldn't look right....
Well look for a dress shopping post soon because as soon as I can get my girls together we will be doing another shopping trip! (the last one didn't go to well)

Anyone with wedding dress shopping tips? I think I am going to need them...

August 11, 2011

Dancing all by myself


    I love to dance! Juan not so much. I couldn't imagine dancing not being a part of the wedding but Juan says that he wont be dancing other than the first dance. So what do we do? I don't want to be dancing without him. But if I were to dance without Juan I am pretty sure I wouldn't be left to dance all by myself. Well even if I was I could still have fun!
    I did get him to dance at my birthday so maybe he will change his mind? But just in case I need to make the first dance count! Maybe we could do a Choreographed first dance? We have all seen them. And yes they have been over done but they could be fun... Right? Other than if I am going to have a hard time getting him dancing I doubt I can talk him into a Choreographed dance. 
    But we at least have some good news! We picked a first dance song! YAY! After LOTS of talking and yes even a little bit of arguing we decided on Never gonna be alone by Nickleback! I attached the video so you can watch it!
   Who knew wedding music would be such a hard choice?

August 08, 2011

I hate fake nails!!!!

As I posted earlier I was going to be getting my nails done for the first time. and well I HATE THEM... I got what is in the picture but hot pink instead of white. I feel like i can hardly do anything. In fact typing right now SUCKS...
   I  cant undo my daughters car seat buckle without a 5 minute struggle. And texting on my phone is a nightmare... I did get the solar nails because they are not as bad for your nails but I NEED to google how to get these suckers off... So needless to say I will be not having fake nails EVER again. So I will either to a french manicure or a all over color on my nails.
   Am I the only one who hates fake nails? and does anyone know how to get them off? HELP!!!