August 15, 2011

My newest dream dress....

Bonny Bridal 123
I have a wandering eye when it comes to dresses I will most likely be a 2 dress bride and I am OBSESSED with looking at wedding dresses! My newest love is Bonny Bridals 123! Picture here ---->
Why do I love this dress so much? Probably because the neckline is EVERYTHING I want and my newest wedding dress love is lace! plus I want a sash. Mine would most likely be Hot pink... But still not 100% sure on that...
But I keep wondering would lace be too heavy for a august outdoor wedding? (I am planning on having a 2nd dress to change into) and If i got this dress would I even want to change into a second dress... Probably not.... There is no one in Oregon who sells this dress (this seems to be my BIGGEST issue when dress shopping) But I can find something like it right? Ill have to try on a similar dress to try on and find a Pre-owned dress or get one made for me... But I am so afraid that getting one made for me it wouldn't look right....
Well look for a dress shopping post soon because as soon as I can get my girls together we will be doing another shopping trip! (the last one didn't go to well)

Anyone with wedding dress shopping tips? I think I am going to need them...


  1. I don't think it would be too heavy at all!

  2. Oh thanks I was told lace dresses can be really heavy so I was worried....

  3. I don't think it'd be too heavy either. It's beautiful. Hope you find it.

  4. @AlwaysWright Thank you for your comments!and I am looking for something similar still. But I should be going dress shopping on Tuesday!

  5. There is an Authorized Dealer in Vancouver. You should call The Hostess House at 360-574-3284. Hope this helps


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