August 26, 2011

Food for thought...
   So Food has been the biggest drama starter for wedding planning. Juan and I have narrowed down our choices to either BBQ or A taco bar! Both foods are not very "traditional" wedding food.
   But I personally would LOVE to have BBQ and even better they can do the Snow Cones that I so badly want! So not only could I have one of my favorite types of food for the wedding We wouldn't have to rent a snow cone machine and buy all of the syrups and cups and chance having way too much or *Gasp* not enough.
    Now why would food be a drama starter your wondering? Well My grandma thinks that we should do a pot luck reception. And yes that would be great and a real money saver but could you imagine make enough potato salad for 175 guests? I know there is no way I would want to ask anyone to make that much food!
     Now a few other family members think that BBQ is not a good idea. Why you ask well because of the mess... But my Bridal party LOVES the idea! One even told me she would make me a BRIDE BIB (I can be a little messy at times... well most the time) It would be funny and I think would make a great photo op IF we can get the whole wedding party to put one on! But I don't think mine would look like the one pictured. I would want one in our wedding colors :)
    And when looking into prices I have noticed that BBQ from a place that I know will have great food is less than traditional catering and the BBQ includes snow cones and drinks... How could I go wrong with that?
    I think with a little warning and lots of napkins BBQ would be OK. What would you think if you went to a wedding that had BBQ?


  1. Have a bunch of wetnaps on hand, and warning would be nice. You could also do pulled pork or something less messy as well.
    Good luck planning! :D

  2. Wetnaps and warnings will be provided :) And we are thinking of having Pulled pork also its like your reading my mind lol...


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