August 15, 2011

Picture This

OK so I have already admitted that I love Taylor Swift (don't judge me) Well when her video Mine came out I couldn't help but notice the hanging pictures... See picture ---->
 How AMAZING would this be at a wedding? Well I think It would be VERY amazing! And I don't want just random pictures of me and the Mr. Hanging no I want our engagement Pictures AND Friends and Family's wedding pictures! I think it would be sweet.
 I have already told family that I need copies of these so I can make copies and do all the work that will be involved in a pretty easy but time consuming DIY project!
 Oh and my Aunt who I told this idea to said it would be also really cute (and rustic) plus easier to just clothes pin the pictures to the string in rows.
 I still don't know what one to do... What do you think? Hanging pictures or Clothes pined pictures?


  1. I think I would do the pictures like in the video looks like the string might be taped in the back of the pictures seems like it would be less time consuming and the part the would take longest would be the hanging of them. Where are you hanging the pictures? Not a big fan of Taylor Swift but it iss a very cute idea.

  2. Oh I was planning on gluing them back to back and then using a whole punch or gluing the string in between the photos. And I was planning on hanging them on the sides of the venue!

  3. I love this idea! And if you're having it in the evening, you could intersperse with strings of lights. *sigh* So dreamy! :-D

  4. I love this Idea thank you for sharing! that is going on my list of things for the wedding!


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