August 08, 2011

I hate fake nails!!!!

As I posted earlier I was going to be getting my nails done for the first time. and well I HATE THEM... I got what is in the picture but hot pink instead of white. I feel like i can hardly do anything. In fact typing right now SUCKS...
   I  cant undo my daughters car seat buckle without a 5 minute struggle. And texting on my phone is a nightmare... I did get the solar nails because they are not as bad for your nails but I NEED to google how to get these suckers off... So needless to say I will be not having fake nails EVER again. So I will either to a french manicure or a all over color on my nails.
   Am I the only one who hates fake nails? and does anyone know how to get them off? HELP!!!


  1. hahaha you are hilarious!! I hate fake nails too. So so much. I've never had them done, so I'm not much help with how to take them off. But, if you ever want to get your nails done again (not get fake nails) then you should try Shellac. It's nailpolish that gets really hard and you can wear it for up to 2 weeks with no chips or anything. I got it done like a month ago and loved it. It's just your natural nails with super strong polish on them. Not damaging or anything! That's just my 2 cents for the day! Good luck getting those suckers off!

  2. @Shardi Thanks Ill look into doing that! I hate painting my nails because they always chip so easy so this might actually work!

  3. You just have to get use to them. I stopped wearing fake nails years ago, but I keep my real nails long. If I cut them, I can't function.

  4. I had them done for my wedding. The day I got them done it took me ages doing the zip up on my jeans. I'm glad I had them for the day but never again, infact my nails are still recovering. I used pure acetone, bought from the chemist to get them off, MrWright had to help me and it took about 45 minutes.

  5. I have had them exactly once... And hated them, too! I since have learned that you can get "sport length" nails, which still allow you to have nice nails, but they are MUCH shorter and they don't interfere with daily life as much. I still don't like fakes; they destroyed my nailbeds for about a year...

    Miss Tattoo is right, though. It's really just a matter of getting used to doing things with them. Personally, I like just growing my own!

  6. I am trying to grow out the gross mess the fake ones left behind. Luckily my nails grow fast so I only have a few more months of ugly nails that I have to keep colored at all times lol


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