August 11, 2011

Dancing all by myself


    I love to dance! Juan not so much. I couldn't imagine dancing not being a part of the wedding but Juan says that he wont be dancing other than the first dance. So what do we do? I don't want to be dancing without him. But if I were to dance without Juan I am pretty sure I wouldn't be left to dance all by myself. Well even if I was I could still have fun!
    I did get him to dance at my birthday so maybe he will change his mind? But just in case I need to make the first dance count! Maybe we could do a Choreographed first dance? We have all seen them. And yes they have been over done but they could be fun... Right? Other than if I am going to have a hard time getting him dancing I doubt I can talk him into a Choreographed dance. 
    But we at least have some good news! We picked a first dance song! YAY! After LOTS of talking and yes even a little bit of arguing we decided on Never gonna be alone by Nickleback! I attached the video so you can watch it!
   Who knew wedding music would be such a hard choice?


  1. Aww this is a great pick for a first song! So cute. Good luck getting the Mr. to dance! I hope he decides to let loose for your sake!

  2. I will probably be dancing by myself. Mr. Tattoo does not dance, but I hope he comes out there to have fun!


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