November 26, 2011

Another blog give away!

So I found another blog giveaway and thought I should share! I know most of my posts have been about giveaways but I promise that I will start posting about the wedding again soon! I have just hit a brick wall and I am having a hard time coming up blog post ideas! So if you have any ideas for me to blog about feel free to post! and I am trying to find time to go try on dresses and I promise to do a post when I go dress shopping too!

   Now on to the give away Karen from Karen and Gene: The Adventure begins... Is having a give away Here What is she giving away you ask? Well She is giving away a package of Fresh products (the sugar rose party favors) " The Sugar Rose Party Favor set includes the Sugar Rose Lip Treatment (with SPF 15, and one of my personal favorites!); the High Noon Freshface Glow, a subtle bronzer; the Supernova mascara; and the Soy Face Cleanser" (taken directly from her blog!)
All you have to do is follow her blog and comment on the post about your favorite beauty tip! AND you can get a extra entry just for writing a blog about her give away on her blog! Super easy right? I have to say I hope I win I love trying new beauty products!

November 22, 2011

Godiva Chocolate Wedding Favors give away!

    So I have been trying to post any giveaways I find! So I found another give away you can enter! Godiva Wedding favor give away! Edible wedding favors are always a nice treat as a guest! And almost everyone loves chocolate so why not enter to be one of 10 people to win 300 Godiva chocolate wedding favors at a value of almost 3,000 dollars?
    With so many wedding giveaways just a Google search away. With just a little bit of time you can possibly win some great prizes for you wedding! Have you won anything for your wedding yet?

I found a give away from Little Borrowed Dress!

Little Borrowed Dress
    So I found a give away! BUT.... This is the last day you can enter and you HAVE to be a part of Wedding Bee ! (I know most of you already are) If you are not it is really easy and quick to sign up!
    So the give away is for dresses (for your bridesmaids) But the cool thing about dresses from Little Borrowed Dress is that they are rentals! No bridesmaid dress in your closet that you will never wear again! So I have posted here the dress I would choose for my bridesmaids to wear or try to convince Juan to finally let me do the mismatched bridesmaid dresses. and let the girls choose from the dresses they like the best!
    The site will send you up to 3 free fabric samples! and will also send dresses out for "fittings" for a small fee!
    Good luck to everyone and anyone who enters! Oh and have your bridesmaids enter too so you have more chances to win! I'm pretty sure they wouldn't mind a few minutes out of their day if they don't have to pay for a dress!
    Leave a comment sharing what dress is your favorite!

Thank You Miss Tattoo!

    If you are not already you should be following Miss Tattoo's Blog Tattoos and Lace  Not only is her blog always a good read BUT I won one of her blog giveaways(Yes it was a bit ago but hey what can I say I've been busy)! What did I win do you ask? and where did I get it? Well I am more than happy to share that info with you! Well I won a pretty hair flower from Flower Me Boutique!
Flower from Flower Me Boutique
  The clips Flower Me Boutique sells are just adorable! They are perfect for your little flower girl! Or any little girl really they are just that cute! Now I am sure you want too see a picture (I would at least) This is the one I got! And I have to say I need to buy more my little girls fight over who gets to wear it all the time! They are priced really well! Starting off at only $5
    You can check out Flower me Boutique on Facebook and you can also check out Ms Tattoo out on Facebook!
    I will post about any Blog giveaways or any other wedding related giveaways I come across! And let me know if you hear of any you can post on my Facebook page! Also feel free to like it...

November 20, 2011

I made a Facebook for my BLOG!!!

    So now that I am going to start blogging again without any very long breaks! I thought That a Facebook page could be useful for anyone who like to keep up to date on my blog! Or a place to send a suggestion if you have topic you would like me to blog about! Or you can like the page to make me happy (because it would) So if you would Please click the like button for my page! it is located on the top right side of my blog! If you wouldn't mind leaving a comment on the page I would also like that :) Looks like now I am going to have to make a twitter for my blog too!


    Of all things to be super picky about I am picky about chairs... How is that even possible? Who in their right mind would be picky about chairs. Come on thinking back to the weddings I have been to I don't remember what kind of chair I sat on. I remember one wedding I was kinda mad because I didn't have a chair. But that is another story...
Picture borrowed from
    Why am I picky about chairs you ask? Well because I have always envisioned my wedding looking a lot like like this. As you can see its very simple. And when you have it be this simple a metal folding chair just wont do...
   So yes I am going to spend a little bit more money on rentals to make sure I get the White wooden chairs that I want to badly.
    I know I will probably be the only person to notice the chairs (well maybe another bride will notice but that is about it), but its important to me.
    I know most brides (at least the ones I know and he ones I have met threw wedding planning) If they are dead set on having a certain chair it is a chiavari chair they have on their mind. And yes they are pretty but I think they are just uncomfortable, and if i am going to be shelling out 7-10 dollars per chair to rent for just one day (yes they really cost that much) They better make my but feel like I am sitting on a cloud! And they look just a little too formal for the wedding look I am going for!
    Now I have a question for you brides reading my blog! My unnecessary need for our wedding is my plain white folding chairs, What is the item that you know you really didnt need for the wedding but was not negotiable?

November 03, 2011

Why I have been MIA...

   Sorry to all my blog followers I should probably let everyone know why I have been MIA... Well a picture is worth a thousand words so here is my reason!

   That is my little Emma! She is 2 today! I have been going out of my mind planning the 3 (Yes 3) Birthday parties for her birthday! 2 down only one more to go! 
   I am sure you are wondering why a 2 year old would need 3 birthday parties right? I know I would be... But we wanted to have the birthdays at our home. And our Tiny 2 bed room 1 bath apartment just would not fit everyone for one party (Well even 2). So we had to split them up and it worked out great other than having a ton of leftover sub sandwich that the order was screwed up so I don't even want to eat the leftovers... 
    Well I forgot to take pictures at the parties I know I am bad... But I do have one picture and please dont laugh this was my first attempt at making a grumpy care bear cake for my little princess!

   Yes the head is kinda off and it looks like a really sad care bear but in my defense she wanted grumpy bear. I just made the cake... lol
   So I am sorry I have been MIA I will try to start posting again... BUT what has everyone been up to while I have been gone?