November 03, 2011

Why I have been MIA...

   Sorry to all my blog followers I should probably let everyone know why I have been MIA... Well a picture is worth a thousand words so here is my reason!

   That is my little Emma! She is 2 today! I have been going out of my mind planning the 3 (Yes 3) Birthday parties for her birthday! 2 down only one more to go! 
   I am sure you are wondering why a 2 year old would need 3 birthday parties right? I know I would be... But we wanted to have the birthdays at our home. And our Tiny 2 bed room 1 bath apartment just would not fit everyone for one party (Well even 2). So we had to split them up and it worked out great other than having a ton of leftover sub sandwich that the order was screwed up so I don't even want to eat the leftovers... 
    Well I forgot to take pictures at the parties I know I am bad... But I do have one picture and please dont laugh this was my first attempt at making a grumpy care bear cake for my little princess!

   Yes the head is kinda off and it looks like a really sad care bear but in my defense she wanted grumpy bear. I just made the cake... lol
   So I am sorry I have been MIA I will try to start posting again... BUT what has everyone been up to while I have been gone?

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