November 22, 2011

Thank You Miss Tattoo!

    If you are not already you should be following Miss Tattoo's Blog Tattoos and Lace  Not only is her blog always a good read BUT I won one of her blog giveaways(Yes it was a bit ago but hey what can I say I've been busy)! What did I win do you ask? and where did I get it? Well I am more than happy to share that info with you! Well I won a pretty hair flower from Flower Me Boutique!
Flower from Flower Me Boutique
  The clips Flower Me Boutique sells are just adorable! They are perfect for your little flower girl! Or any little girl really they are just that cute! Now I am sure you want too see a picture (I would at least) This is the one I got! And I have to say I need to buy more my little girls fight over who gets to wear it all the time! They are priced really well! Starting off at only $5
    You can check out Flower me Boutique on Facebook and you can also check out Ms Tattoo out on Facebook!
    I will post about any Blog giveaways or any other wedding related giveaways I come across! And let me know if you hear of any you can post on my Facebook page! Also feel free to like it...

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