November 20, 2011


    Of all things to be super picky about I am picky about chairs... How is that even possible? Who in their right mind would be picky about chairs. Come on thinking back to the weddings I have been to I don't remember what kind of chair I sat on. I remember one wedding I was kinda mad because I didn't have a chair. But that is another story...
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    Why am I picky about chairs you ask? Well because I have always envisioned my wedding looking a lot like like this. As you can see its very simple. And when you have it be this simple a metal folding chair just wont do...
   So yes I am going to spend a little bit more money on rentals to make sure I get the White wooden chairs that I want to badly.
    I know I will probably be the only person to notice the chairs (well maybe another bride will notice but that is about it), but its important to me.
    I know most brides (at least the ones I know and he ones I have met threw wedding planning) If they are dead set on having a certain chair it is a chiavari chair they have on their mind. And yes they are pretty but I think they are just uncomfortable, and if i am going to be shelling out 7-10 dollars per chair to rent for just one day (yes they really cost that much) They better make my but feel like I am sitting on a cloud! And they look just a little too formal for the wedding look I am going for!
    Now I have a question for you brides reading my blog! My unnecessary need for our wedding is my plain white folding chairs, What is the item that you know you really didnt need for the wedding but was not negotiable?

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