September 08, 2011

A change of venue... (Warning Pic Heavy post!)

    I was so excited about my back yard garden wedding but sadly that is not going to be happening anymore. In order to be able to do that we would have to cut our guest list down from 200 to 120 people that is 80 people! So here I am on the hunt once again for a wedding venue.
    We could use Historic Deepwood Estate it is so pretty and manageable on the budget (if we have the wedding on a Friday or a Sunday)! We can use the vendors that we want to, There is a onsite tent that we can use for a lot cheaper than I could get from any rental company, AND there is enough space for ALL of our guests! But because it is a "city park" There would be No Liquor allowed and we would have to get the permit for the beer and wine to be allowed to be served, And if it is hot all of my guests will be hot too and I will be dying in a big white dress.  LOTS of pictures below!

     Another Idea that was brought up to me was doing a Bowling Alley Reception! How fun would that be? They would take care of food (No stress of finding another vendor) They have a full bar! We wouldn't have to get a DJ because they already have music and a sound system! They are remodeling before the wedding so the place will look even nicer than it would now! AND my mom and grandma both work there. I should be able to get some sort of discount right? I have only been there on and off my whole life and the owners have seen me grow up. Well its worth asking right Now there are the awesome pictures that I got Last night from the wonderful ladies on Wedding Bee!


  1. I think the bowling alley would be awesome! I would just be worried about actual seating and what not!

  2. That is the one thing I have been worried about too but its HUGE and with the savings I would be getting I could rent tables and chairs no problem!

  3. Wow the park is gorgeous but the bowling alley seems so fun!! I have seen a few bowling alley weddings on a coupe different blogs and I know the bride and groom always say it was the best decision!


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