September 29, 2011


    Yes I know I have not been posting on my blog... Shame on me. Things have just been so crazy that I kinda forgot about my blog... Sorry...
   So I decided to price my flowers for the centerpieces the other day and ended up with a HUGE SHOCK! I was planning on using Hydrangea in with the Gerber daisies as a filler thinking it would help save money. I was wrong with the price of Gerberas  being so good I would end up spending even more! So I found out that I the thing I was trying to do to save money would end up costing A LOT more in the long run.
   While I was looking at flower prices and trying to figure out what number to budget for flowers I figured out that I do not need 2 vases of flowers on each table just 1 vase and our table number would be good for a centerpiece if I add some tea lights! (and I just started selling party lite so I can get a really good deal on tea lights!) So I basically cut the flower price by more than I could even imagine! And I have a admit I am VERY happy about that!
    And I found the perfect table numbers to go with my new centerpiece idea! These wooden heart table numbers from Lilson on Etsy! How cute are they? And yes that is a chalk board square so I can choose to do table numbers or letters or names and I could change my mind 100 times and It still wouldn't matter! Oh and on the Wedding party table I can have them say Mr & Mrs! I love it!
    I change my mind a lot so its a good option to have! I love the little bows on them but not sure if I would keep them or change it to a fun bright colored bow. Either way I really like them and I am excited that I found them!
    So you might be asking how I am planning on using this table number. Well I first thought I was going to have to figure out how to add a base to these. Then Juan gave me a great idea we are only having on vase (well really its a mason jar) So we can just add some rocks to the bottom of the mason jar to keep it steady and just put it in with the flowers! What do you think? A mason jar of flowers Like the one pictured With a few rocks on the bottom with one of the tables number sticking out. Do you think It would look good? Or what would you change to make it look better?
    Oh and the mason jars will not be hanging its just the best picture I could find!
But thank you for reading my blog and don't be afraid to comment!


  1. Ugh! At first I wanted Gerbera daisies everywhere...and then I got a price for them! I didn't even toy with the idea. lol I love those table numbers though!

  2. Those table numbers are so dang adorable! I think they will look just fine in the flower arrangements!

  3. @Miss Tattoo I found out if I order them online in bulk and I get a Big group of them and just have them send me all the colors instead of picking and choosing each color it is so much cheaper.
    @Natalie Thank you When I found the table numbers I knew I had to have them :)

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