October 03, 2011

Bridesmaids Dresses

From TheKnot.com
    I love the look of mismatched bridesmaids dresses. Not only do I like the look of it I also like how easy it is. All you have to do is say Get a Pink bridesmaids dress. Easy as that! No one mad because they don't look good in the dress. Or complaining the dress is out of budget. They get to choose their own dress! You can pull the look together by matching jewelry or shoes. And that would make a great bridesmaids gift! Sounds perfect doesn't it...
    But "Huston we have problem" I am not the only one planning this wedding. Juan has a say in the wedding too. And if you cant already tell what I am about to say Ill just put it out for you. Juan says "NO MISMATCHED BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES"
    I almost feel like saying you don't like my idea then you pick a dress that looks good on all 5 bridesmaids, For around 100 dollars that I can just veto your idea if I don't like the dress. But luckily I found a dress that all of the bridesmaids agree on. For under 100 dollars AND Juan and I have come to a decision. All of the girls will wear the same dress but just in different colors. So instead of the picture already posted I will have something like this.
     So what is this magic bridesmaids dress that will look good on 5 different bridesmaids you ask. Well It is from David's Bridal It is the Cotton Sateen Strapless dress with Ruching And it Even has pockets! It is Style # 83312. It looks great on everyone. It is under 100 dollars and I in a a round about way still get my mismatched bridesmaids!
    Now I still have to find a dress for me... I should really get on that...


  1. Ahh too bad, I love the mismatched look! But I really like the all different colors thing. I've seen that in a few weddings and I think it is so cute and colorful! Oh and hooray for finding dresses with pockets, score!

  2. ooh I love mismatched! Mr. Tattoo tried to tell me I couldn't and then I mentioned that I would have a say in how he dresses his boys. All of a sudden, he didn't care that much about the bridesmaids dresses. I would have such a hard time finding a dress that everyone looks good in. I have bridesmaids who are barely 5'5 and ones that are 5'11. I have A cup bridesmaids and H cup bridesmaids.

  3. @Natalie I liked the dresses and they looked good on everyone but it was the pockets that sealed the deal :)

  4. @Miss Tattoo I have brides maids very different in sizes too but one thing all of my bridesmaids have in common is boobs No one in my bridal party has less than a D so we needed to find a dress to cover up some boobs lol...
    And I already have say in what the guys are wearing so sadly that wouldn't work for me...

  5. I love the idea of mismatched bridesmaid dresses too. PLus as long as the girls are all comfortable, they'll rock whatever look you ask them to wear.

  6. I love your pick and I think it will look so neat in the different colors! Doesn't it feel great to have that picked and done?

  7. I love this idea, I considered it, it'll look great.

  8. LOVE mismatched dresses...which is why we did that. Glad to hear you found something everyone looks good in though--and with pockets!! Love dresses with pockets:)

  9. @Angela Yes the pockets are my favorite part!


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