September 11, 2011

I found the almost perfect venue!

   So when looking around for different venues I found the cutest little Chapel! Fi wanted to get married in a church and this is the closest we are going to get! It fits in the budget it is adorable and has a outdoor area where we can have the reception!
   So now the only part of this venue that doesn't work is that it only fits 125 guests. Our guest list is at 200 So to have this venue be a possibility I would have to do a lot of cutting to our guest list. Its worth a shot to see how many people we can cut right? Now you have to be wondering how could a venue be so great that I am willing to cut our guest list almost in half? See for yourself.

    Would you be willing to cut your guest list for the almost perfect venue?


  1. It's beautiful! :) Love, love, love old chapels!

    We're trying to invite only our closest family/friends and that is a little difficult but it will be so worth it!

  2. @Lauren Ashley We are trying to cut our guest list down to just close family and friends and I never thought it would be so hard But I just keep telling myself If i cut the guest list my budget will go farther!

  3. it's def cute! Cutting the guest list is so hard! Just remember that not everyone will come! So hopefully you won't have to do much at all!

  4. @Miss Tattoo Well I got my list down to 57 last night :) YAY Now I have to get Fi motivated to start cutting down his list... Easier said then done lol...

  5. This is so stinking cute!!! I love love love it. I think I would def be willing to cut down my list. I think it would be worth it. Good luck!

    BTW, I'm having a bridal giveaway. Be sure to check it out!

  6. Cutting the guest list has its pluses. You get to save $$$.... Also, not all your invited guests will come so don't cut it down too much. Allow for at least 5% absentees.


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