June 07, 2012


So the wedding is 435 days away...
I haven't been posting much because to be honest right now I don't have too much I can post! BUT something kinda fun happened I got a E-mail from Bzz Agent! For those of you who don't know what Bzz Agent is a company that sends you products to test out just for your honest opinion! You tell your friends about the product (EVEN IF YOU HATED IT) and that is all they ask!
So I got a Email saying they wanted me to try out the Bic Soleil Savvy Razor! They Claim that it is the convince of a disposable with the quality of a refillable cartage system! I am excited to see if that is true!

It should be shipping out to me soon So I am excited to try it out and let you girls know how well it worked! You can check out there BIC Soleil's facebook page Here They even have a giveaway going on on their page right now go check them out!
And If you are interested in Joining BzzAgent leave me a comment with your E-mail and I can send you an Invite!

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