June 24, 2012

Vendor spotlight- Wish Upon a Starfish

     I have been looking around for those AMAZING bridal hangers that you see just about everywhere when I came across Wish Upon a Starfish on Etsy! When I noticed that not only are her hangers great they are also one of the best prices I have found so far! The hanger I have pictured personalized to your last name or even just bride for ONLY $10.00!

   But the hangers are just the beginning! She will crystal your shoes, or glitter the soles, make your bouquets, hair flowers or even a crystaled out holder for your bouquet! 

    I mean look at these shoes! you can not tell me that you wouldn't mind a pair of sparkled out heels in your closet! If you are getting married or not! These would be perfect with you wedding dress or a little black dress!

    If you are not into the closed toe shoes she also does open toed heals and will crystal out your favorite pair of shoes for you too! Look at the glitter at the toe part so much extra sparkle!

 If any one has suggestions on how to convince Mr.Panda on why I need a pair of these shoes please share! I mean my birthday is coming up... (hint hint Mr.Panda if you are reading this post)

   And if you are planning a beach wedding her Etsy page is a one stop shop for you! She has the perfect bouquets and decorations for any beach wedding. 

     Look at this Starfish Pomander Kissing Ball! How cute are these I am starting to rethink my wedding maybe I should do a beach wedding? 
Check out her facebook page Here  or her etsy page Here! If you like her Facebook page let her know Ms.Panda Sent you!

And if there are any vendors out there who are interested in me writing about your blog comment with your email and I will contact you!

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