April 28, 2012

Newborn baby boy homemade hat giveaway

    I know that at least in my group of friends it seems like every other day someone is announcing that they are having a baby. This is fun and exciting but hard on the wallet when you are buying ALL of those baby shower gifts! I have a giveaway that you can enter that can take a little bit of stress off your wallet!
    A good friend of mine is doing a giveaway Check it out here She is giving away 4 yes 4 newborn boy handmade hats! Of course I will post pictures of the hats up for grabs!
    They are adorable right! You can win these and don't worry it is a very low entry giveaway so you have a even bigger chance to win! Right now there is only 12 entries! but check out this Giveaway and check out her Etsy store vanessahogan03 You will not be disappointed!
   Now tell me if you won these hats who would you give them to or would you keep them for your own little bundle of joy?

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  1. Aww, cute hats! With 4, I would keep one and give the others away--all my just-pregnant-now-new-mom friends also had boys. :)


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