April 24, 2012

Our Save The dates!

    As I mentioned in a previous post I WON FREE SAVE THE DATES from magnet street! I mean how exciting is that!
   So here is a picture of our Save The Date Magnets! I have to say I love them! But don't mind my crappy paint job. I love all you readers but I feel like I share enough of the wedding with you on the blog I kinda want the website for just the invited guests!
   So I had a hard time picking out what invites to choose there are so many options on just about every site that it makes choosing just one a lot of work! I looked threw the pages of magnets until I saw this one and I loved the bright colors and that it was a little fun, but I have to admit that I did have about 10 other tabs open of other save the dates that I liked.
   But I love that fact that they are magnets people can just throw them on their fridge and not just get thrown away! or shoved in a drawer some place!
    Have you ordered your save the dates yet? If yes How did you choose yours, and If no what are you looking for in a save the date?


  1. love it. The invites look fresh and fun!

  2. Thank you but these are not actually invites they are Save The Dates. Because we are having the wedding in august (a busy vacation time) These are just little magnets that will hopefully make them not plan to not be on vacation that day!

  3. We ordered ours from Magnetstreet as well. Ordering them I knew I wanted a single picture and a calendar. Unfortunately that didn't give us a lot of options to choose from, but I managed to find ones I really liked.


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