April 22, 2012

Hello Everyone!

     I have been MIA for awhile and I am sorry for that! BUT I have some exciting news! Juan and I have Officially saved the date! YAY! August 17th, 2013 Save the dates are even ordered (I will have another blog post for that later on BUT how exciting!
     I have been OBSESSED with entering wedding giveaways lately and it has paid off I WON A WEDDING DRESS! How exciting is that! For her and for him was doing a giveaway for any mermaid dress on their website and I WON!
     I am sure you want to find out what dress I choose right? Well I am happy to share BUT I do not have any pictures of me in the dress yet... As of I wont have the dress for another month so the stock photo will have to do for now!
    I am going to try to start blogging again I really am sorry I went MIA on all of you BUT things have been a little crazy because I WENT BACK TO SCHOOL! Yes this girl is a college student! Even though it took me 4 years to go back I am glad I finally did! So now I have the craziness of being a mom, going to school, and planning a wedding. It is exhausting lol.
   I hope everyone is doing good! Please comment with  what you have been up to while I have been away! Looking forward to reading those comments!


  1. What an awesome giveaway win! I do enter a lot of giveaways, and I have one a few, but never for anything as exciting (and expensive) as a wedding dress. Congrats!!

    1. Well good luck on winning more exciting (and expensive) giveaway wins! If you are wanting to win a wedding dress ForHerandForHim.com is still giving away wedding dresses monthly! It is worth a shot!

  2. OMGOSH congratulations :) I just came across your lovely blog. I'm happy that you won such an amazing giveaway. That's awesome. I love mermaid dresses. I'm sure you will look stunning in yours.

    xo from NYC-Chelise

  3. Yay! That is so super exciting! (I found your blog via weddingbee).

  4. I'm so happy you went back to school!!! You gonna do great, I'm sure;-)


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