July 06, 2011

Juan and Everything i can think of about him

(Personal Photo)
       This is Juan He is 22 (as of today Happy Birthday Babe) this is a picture of him on easter half awake! You notice he is wearing a Captian America shirt? Well if you didn't Im sure you see it now! He is a super hero geek (but its ok I still love him) He was born in Mexico and came to the United states when he was 3. He works for Green Tree enterprises (they own all the McDonalds around here)
        He graduated Woodburn High School In 2007. (well we both did) The same year we had our first baby! He is a AMAZING guy and a great father! He loves playing Call of Duty: Black Ops So much that he wants a Zombie themed grooms cake. What is a zombie themed grooms cake dont worry Ill have a whole post about it later on : )
        So im still Pretty new to this blogging So if there is anything you want me to add or Something you want me to write a post about just let me know!

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