July 17, 2011

Wake up and smell the.... Daises?

    What kind of flowers we wanted has changed just a little bit.... One thing I knew I DID NOT WANT ROSES. But as someone who didn't know much about flowers I also didn't know what we wanted. There are so many different kinds of flowers and some of those flowers cost a arm and a leg... Going with our color I wanted bright flowers too! Then I found one "inspiration" picture and now I know exactly what I want!
   Green green hydrangea and Gerber Daises! To be completely honest I didn't even know they had green hydrangea (Plus even if they didn't they have floral paint) So now the only flowers that will be at my wedding is Gerber Daises and green hydrangea.
    I do know that for my mason jar centerpieces (ill dedicate a whole post to them a bit later!) I will go between having hydrangea and daises and only daises!
    I love flowers and I love our centerpiece Idea and I cant wait to share my (at least I think) AMAZING idea!
    What kind of flowers do you want/did you have at your wedding?

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  1. Daisies are so cute. They are big and playful and come in such bright colors! I'm the same way, the one thing I knew was that I didn't want roses. Way to formal and traditional. I'm thinking orchids for my big day. But I'm afraid of the price. Thanks for sharing!


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