July 06, 2011

Grooms cake

(Picture from http://geeksngamers.tumblr.com/)
     I love Juan! And one thing he insisted on with wedding planning was having a say in the cake. Me and him DO NOT have the same taste in what we want for a cake. So enter in the grooms cake. I asked him if he could have anything as a grooms cake what would it be? And thats how we got the idea for the zombie cake.
    The grooms cake I had no problem with it being all about him and even being zombies because I would be able to get my cupcakes! YAY! But back to the cake.
(Picture from http://themetapicture.com/)
    He wants mini me and him figures on the top of the cake with shotguns. and we would be shooting our bridal party zombies... The above picture  has flowers on it but we will not be having flowers on his cake the cake will be a mix of the one on the top and the one to the right we want it to still be fun slightly creepy and all Zombies... Yes thanks to COD I will have a zombie cake at my wedding but it would be worse right?

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