July 07, 2011

Meet the Flower Girls!

(Picture by picture me)
      One think I knew for sure when starting the wedding planning is my two little girls would be my flower girls!
    I knew that I would have to include them in the day some how and Flower girl would be the perfect idea!
    Now to let you know a little bit about them we will first start with Ellie!

(Picture by Picture me)
      Ellie is the older one of the two (the one laying on the ground) He real name is Elizabeth but we think she is more of a Ellie then a Elizabeth. She just turned 4 June 2011 and had a really fun Dora birthday party (Dora is kinda a big deal at our place!) She is a complete girly girl she loves dressing up and has the little model attitude! You can tell in the picture to the right. Now that me and her daddy are planning our wedding she thinks she gets to plan her wedding too! She has started to pick out everything! When ever i start to look at wedding dresses/cake/flowers well anything wedding related she is very quick to let me know what she will be having at her wedding! oh and she has even found her groom. (but i will make a "Ellie's wedding" post another day)

(Picture by Picture me)
      Now its time to talk about Emma. She is a DRAMA QUEEN. She will eat just about anything (one of her favorite snacks my eyeshadow) Daddy calls her tank. She loves Dora also as i said earlier Dora is a big deal here. But her favorite thing ever is Care Bears! We watch a Care Bear movie at least once a day. To be honest its getting really old... She is a lot like her sister in many ways but there is one thing that sets them apart SO MUCH. Emma hardly ever gets hurt she will fall hit her head and then just get right back up. Like nothing ever happened!
    I have to admit I am one of those moms who thinks my kids are the cutest in the whole world.
   Do you have kids? And if you do how are you planning on including them in the wedding?

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