July 06, 2011

Me and My Fi!

(Personal Photo)
       I met Juan my freshman year of high school we were just friends. We had acting class together he took the class to get a easy A and I loved acting! One day he told me that he would Marry me (in class freshman year) and I thought he was crazy. I wish I had a picture of us together in high school but they have all gone MIA :(  The oldest picture i can find is from when our daughter was born You can see the picture to the right. We were only 17 and pretty young but now i just feel lucky that i found him so young!                 

(Taken by Picture me)

Now we have 2 little girls and planning our wedding its a little strange to look back and see how far we have come. We went from living with our parents and struggling to figure out how to be parents ourselfs to Having our own place and looking to buy a house, Planning our wedding and just being adults. I have known Fi for almost 9 years and we have been dating fohr almost 7 of them. I have to say its about time we tie the knot!

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