July 07, 2011

Candy Bar? Dessert Bar? Snow Cones?


    When we first started the wedding planning process I thought one thing i would HAVE to have would be a candy bar! Because come one who doesn't like candy? It could double as the favor and we could make it all cute using our wedding colors. Then i joined the world of wedding blogs and noticed that everyone and there best friend has a candy bar and it was very "wedding trendy". I am already doing cup cakes and I didn't want my wedding to be full of this year trendy wedding ideas so then I though HMMM.... What else could i do?
    That's when Juan came up with the idea of a dessert bar. and not just a dessert bar but a home made dessert bar! My grandma could make fudge, Cousin could make cookies, Mom can make pies, and the list just started growing and growing. So my amazing not as trendy idea of having a dessert bar sounds yummy right. We thought so too! I started talking to family about what they wanted to make and if they would even be willing to make something for the wedding.. And that is when we realized our family is already helping us with 101+ things for this wedding we don't really want to put another thing on there back.


    I was kinda sad but still looking for a fun dessert idea that would be different, fun, and most important YUMMY! I searched for ideas everywhere and was not having much luck finding an idea then I was randomly looking a catering menu (we are not going very traditional) and saw SNOW CONES!!! We are getting married in the middle of august we want BBQ for the food what could be better? and everyone loves snow cones! It would be a fun way to cool down i could still have them in my wedding colors and it seems like we finally have our "fun" extra dessert! YAY! And yes we have thought about the mess of snow cones and figured out we could do them shaved ice style in a cute little cup with a spoon!
    What do you think of snow cones at a wedding? Did you or are you planning to have a special dessert for your wedding?
    And don't worry I know I'm a little crazy for putting this much thought into a extra dessert!

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