July 16, 2011

The Perfect Headband (easier said than done)

    So now is the start of finding "The Perfect Headband". Well I should say the perfect headband at the perfect price... I have a few "needs" in my headband... I need it to be Ivory (NOT WHITE), Yes I'm wearing a Ivory dress (haven't picked out the dress but I know it will be Ivory) Seems pretty easy right. Well the fact I want a ribbon headband makes that need just a little bit harder. Every Ribbon headband I have fallen in love with has been white.

    Well maybe I can find a AMAZING headband on Etsy and have them just make it in ivory? Well that's my hope. But I have to admit right now I have Champagne taste on a beer budget. So maybe I can just DIY it?  But where do I find the embellishments to put on the headband? The headband in the picture is PERFECT (other than being white) But the store that sells it is no more.
    I am going to have to keep looking but I have to admit I really hope I can find this headband again at a store that actually sells it.
    Have you ever found something "Perfect" just to find out it wasn't being sold anymore? And did you find it again? (please tell me you did)

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