July 16, 2011


     One thing I knew coming into this wedding planning was how I wanted my hair! So as soon as we started the planning I started growing out my hair. My hair was not short but I knew I needed it longer to get the look I wanted! I want really long curls! ALL the hair down very Taylor Swift!
    I love her hair and I love her music! But I do know my hair is way to thin to get this look so I am going to have to find some really good hair extensions. And I want to add bridal head band and of course a veil! But those will be other posts!
    But you know how there are two dress brides I am going to be a 2 Hair bride... When I told My best Friend/Bridesmaid/Hair dresser. She thought I was crazy. (I bet you think I'm a little crazy right now too!) She started telling me that there wouldn't be enough time to do a change and It would be just a PITA. Until I showed her what I was thinking then she told me it was OK!
    Did I mention that I LOVED Taylor Swift's hair? Well this is Hair #2. We will keep in the headband but loose the veil. Then we will move the hair into a side ponytail and maybe have to re curl just a little bit (Fingers crossed).
    Now you are probably wondering why I want to hair styles right? Well I am going to have a outdoor reception in August, So I am not going to want all of those curls down. It would be WAY TOO HOT and I want to dance and have fun so I don't want my hair to get in the way...
    Oh and the fact I'm going to be a 2 dress bride also... Yes I am going to have my ceremony dress and a reception dress! But once again I am going to leave you waiting on that post too!
    How did you choose the hair for your wedding? and who (if anyone) was your celebrity hair Inspiration?

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  1. Holy smokes, I am in love with those hair ideas! Maybe I'll steal them haha Ya right, my hair is stick straight and will barely hold a curl. Sigh. I guess I'll just leave these beautiful looks to you lucky gals with curly locks!

    Anywho, I think the two hair style idea is a great one. Especially since your second style is as simple as a side pony. You'll pull it off wonderfully.

    Unfortunately, I don't know what I'm going to do with my hair yet! You're lucky to already have great inspiration!


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