July 08, 2011

Meet the Groomsmen!

I have to start off saying I don't know half as much about the groomsmen as do my girls but I will do my best to make it at least some what interesting...

   Juan is having a best man thought this might be a little odd mostly because I'm not having a maid of honor but its not just my wedding and if he wants a Best man yes Juan is going to get a best man! Now who Juan wants as his best man has changed a little bit so i am going to have to double check who the best man is before I write it and have to stick my foot in my mouth lol! (Edit- Juan is not sure who the best man is going to be so I will have to add that in at a later time sorry)

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     So I will start of with Andrew! Andrew better known as DoDo (sounds like dough dough) Is one of his groomsmen and his step brother! DoDo just graduated from high school! Is planning on going to college and is a pretty cool guy! Just like Juan he likes to play Call of Duty... (in fact I think all his groomsmen do but one) He is a computer tech person If you need to do something on the computer most likely he will be able to do it! (it can come in handy from time to time)

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      Now there is Nicholas! Nic is mostly known as Dingo (Ellie and Emma named him) Just like DoDo Dingo is Juan's stepbrother and obviously a groomsmen. He is still in high school and part of the wrestling team! He is actually pretty good! He works out  a lot to stay in shape for wrestling and he does cross country! Dingo is once again a Call of Duty player.... (Have i mentioned yet how much I hate this game)

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     Now we have Edgar. He is known as Eddie! Eddie is in Elementary school and Juan's youngest brother! Eddie like video games playing with friends and is very religious. To be honest I don't know much about Eddie but when he was younger like 3 he used to do a impression of "taco Eddie" his alter ego rapper it was actually really cute.. I with he still did the taco Eddie...

    Next on the list is Jordan, We call him Bubba! Jordan is my little brother. He is going to be starting High School this year. He is obsessively involved in baseball. (growing up I was dragged to all the games and I don't like baseball) He is also in love with Call of Duty (Seriously I don't know what is up with the stupid game) He is my younger brother but he is taller than me (I don't think that is fair) Oh and when he was younger we used to dress him up as a girl and do him makeup (Ill have to try to dig up one of those pictures) (I cant find a picture of Jordan right now so ill have to add that later sorry

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    Now its the only groomsmen that is not family it is Nestor or as Fi calls him The Boss NC. Sadly the reason he is called this is because that is his name for Call of Duty (enough with the game already right?) He likes to play basketball. He has a Fiance and a little girl (with another on the way) He works at  Walmart and is planning his own wedding! YAY for wedding planning!

   Now you have met the Groomsmen (hopefully ill be able to add some more info later)

   But I have to wonder how well do you/ Did you know the groomsmen at your wedding?

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