July 07, 2011

Meet the Bridesmaids!

    I have to say I love my bridesmaids! They are some of my best friends and my favorite family members! I should warn you that I DO NOT have a maid of honor. I always would have one but when it came down to I just could not choose... So here they are!

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     This is my sister Tiffanie! She is my only older sister! So i have obviously known her my whole life... She has a daughter herself a adorable little girl named Anna! She is a little less than 2 years older than me.
   The funny thing is that we did not get along until she moved out. when we we both lived at home with our parents we were always fighting. And now she is one of my best friends! If some one would have told me we would end up friends when i was in high school i would have thought you were crazy!
(Personal photo)
    And then there is my little sister Tabatha. She is my half sister but we have lived together our whole life so half sister whole sister doesn't make much of a difference.
    She likes to play Softball and is actually really good at it too! Just got into college and i have to admit I'm proud of my little sister...
    She hates wearing dresses and the only way i even got her in the bridal party was telling her she can wear a green dress (green is her favorite color) It should be interesting to see how pictures go because she HATES getting her picture taken. Well unless she is the one taking the picture (see to the right the only one i could find of her she took of herself)

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    This is my Cousin Steff! She is someone I know will be there for me when ever i need her! and if she can help she will be helping! She is only 3 years older than me but growing up I was the "baby" So we didn't really get close until later in life! She is married and has a little one of her own!
    She is day care provider! and her and her husband are the god parents to my children! My daughter Ellie used to say that her husband couldn't marry her because Ellie was going to marry him! It was really cute!

(Personal Photo)
     Now its time to get to Cassi! Or Casso as we used to call her on the dance team. (Funny how one miss spelling on one program can stick) I met Cassi in 7th grade when she moved into the little group of houses that i lived in. She was invited to my birthday party that my Older sister took over. But I just spent the birthday talking to Cassi and we have been friends ever sense!
   Most of your middle school and high school friends I had I don't really talk to much but Cassi is one of the few that I stayed friends with!

(Personal Photo)

   And now Last but So far from the least! One of my Best friends ever Felicia! It seems like i have known her forever 5th grade feels like forever ago! We met one summer when I was forced to go visit my dad. We became joined at the hip. If i wasn't at her place she was at mine. If one of us couldn't do something we both stayed back because We never left each others side EVER! But we lost touch for what seemed like forever until I found her on myspace! YAY Social networking!
    So a little about Felicia she has 3 amazing kids (1 boy and 2 girls) and a amazing boyfriend (yep I was there when they met for the first time lol) She just graduated cosmology school! YAY FELICIA!!! Needless to say she will be my beauty expert on my wedding day!

   Now you know a little about my Bridesmaids Next a post about the groomsmen!

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