July 09, 2011

Make a wish?

(Etsy seller madebydine)
Favors Favors Favors.... I knew I wanted a unique favor but I didn't want to do a crazy DIY that stressed me out but i still did want to DIY it... I want a easy DIY that I can do ahead of time and I can do on my VERY limited budget. I was searching and searching everywhere and then I was complaining to a friend when they told me I should do wish bracelets. What is a wish bracelet? I didn't know either until she told me along with a quick google search. It is a bracelet with beads that you tie onto your wrist and make a wish and when the bracelet falls off your wish comes true! I thought it was something cute and yes its completely useless but there will be a wish bracelet at every seat! Now I have to come up with a cute little poem to go with the bracelets! Oh and I need to order a ton of string and beads, card stock oh and a hole punch. (how do I not have a hole punch already?)

What are you/have you used as your favors? and what would you think if you got a wish bracelet as a favor?


  1. Very cute! I'm not sure what we are doing for favors just yet.

  2. So cute!! We're doing a dessert bar and luggage tags!

  3. I think it cute. We are having a late night buffet instead of favors.

  4. Thanks girls I thought that hey might be too cheesy...


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