July 20, 2011

Taking a break from wedding planning

(Borrowed from http://www.nicolewick.com/)
   YAY! I am giving myself  2 1/2 weeks off (if I actually make it will be interesting) But with my birthday coming up Juan and I have decided I need to take some time and take care of me. We all know wedding planning can be stressful and Ill admit it I SUCK at handling stress (I blame my high school for not ever putting me in stress management even though i requested it all 4 years of high school)
   But to keep this post from being SUPER boring I will share some of my fun 22nd Birthday Details!
    First off my birthday is not until August 2nd So that's why my break is so long.... But on my actual birthday Juan planned a little BBQ inviting some friends and family nothing huge but I love that he is doing it for me!
    Then the Saturday after my birthday one of my best friends and one of my bridesmaids and I are planning a night out. Going out for drinks and dancing and hoping for just a really fun night! And what would a birthday night be without a birthday dress! (the picture shown is not my dress) My dress is the same idea but the straps are one length and not a cap sleeve the hot pink band is thinner and ties in the back and my dress is a lot bigger than 4T lol...

    Did you ever take a much needed break from wedding planning? And if yes what did you use that much needed break for?

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