July 06, 2011

All About ME!!!!

(Personal Photo)
       Hey Its me! On wedding bee Im known as MsPanda But my friends and family call me Shanda. So this post is to let you know a little about me! Im 21 almost 22 (in august) I am obsessed with Birthdays and want them to go perfect even though they NEVER do...
     I was Born and raised In Oregon! The only other state I have been to other than Oregon is Washington. So obvioulsy I dont travel... I have a amazingly HUGE family!
     I graduated from Woodburn High School in 2007 (as mentioned in a earlier post same year i had my daughter) I grew up really quickly mostly because i didnt have a choice. I now have 2 amazing little girls they are 4 and 1 1/2. And I have my hands full every single day!
           I am a stay at home mom and I love it! Im planning on going to go back to school so that when my little ones do grow up and move away I still have somthing to do! As of right now the plan is to be a nurse But i change my plan every other week...
         If you want to know anything else about me Just ask!

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