July 06, 2011

The main wedding cake!

Picture from theknot.com

    I wanted a huge wedding cake to begin with tons of layers lots of different flavors and pretty sugar flowers fondant the whole thing... Until i tasted fondant EWWWW... Not my cup of tea... I know different bakers make there fondant other ways but I think i was scarred for life. Just like how still to this day i cant eat coco puffs. (long story)
    I was looking into different types of NON fondant cakes. and that is when i fell in love with textured butter cream. But Juan wasn't sold. He gets his grooms cake so i get to choose the other cake right? Well I thought wrong he still wants a say in the other cake too.. 
     As a compromise we are doing a little textured butter cream slicing cake with lots of  super yummy cupcakes! The picture is my inspiration! I believe the plan is to find a seller on etsy who can make me a whole lot of the Gerber Daisys for me to just plop on top of some yummy Costco cupcakes and have my amazing baking aunt do the slicing cake for us! Has anyone else had/is having/ever been to a wedding with Costco cupcakes?

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