October 30, 2012

Dress #3

     So I bought another dress... For those of you who are new to the blog (or didn't read the title) Yes I am on dress number 3.... BUT I am still under my dress budget so that isn't too bad... and I got one (that completely didn't work for me) was won in a giveaway so I didn't lose any money on it! and my other dress (That you can see in this post Here) I will still be wearing but as a reception dress!
     I love my dress from Ouma still and I am glad that it still works as a reception dress and I still get to wear it!
     For those of you  think I am crazy to have gotten yet another dress! Don't worry I know that it is a bit crazy too!
     See there is something different I am doing with this dress that I didn't do with the other dresses I am not going to be sharing  pictures of the dress!
     So you are probably wondering why I am writing this post if I am not even going to share pictures of the dress... Well it is pretty simple I wanted to put a reminder to DON'T BUY YOUR DRESS TOO EARLY!
    Wait until you atleast have your venue and a very good idea of the kind of wedding you are planning! I was planning a very casual wedding completely outside with BBQ and that just is not the case anymore. (even though I am so sad that this is not going to be happening anymore)
     My Ouma dress does not fit in to the "new" wedding we are planning as the main dress. 

     BUT I can't write this post without giving you a few details of the dress! It is a Maggie Sottero! and it is a drop waist A-line dress... It has sparkle and ruching and it is everything I want in a dress!  PLUS I was able to find it on OnceWed in their classifieds for an amazing price! (somewhere around 850ish dollars off retail price) and it is already hemmed to my height and has a bustle put in and those will save me a very good amount of money in alterations! 

    Did you buy your dress to far ahead of time? or did you suffer from any dress regret? or MAJOR change in wedding planning? If yes please share your story in the comments I am looking forward to reading them!

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