October 16, 2012

Bad bride and bad blogger....

     So I have not been updating my blog... Like at all... and I have kinda stopped wedding planning (other than I did just buy some adorable headbands for the flower girls)
     I feel like I am kinda in a rut... There is not too much I can do at this point in planning. If I buy decor and all of this crap I have to store it for the next 10 months (yep we are finally 10 months away!!!) But if I find a amazing deal I admit it I can't stop myself from getting it!
     I still have not sent out the save the dates (thinking I will get around to that in the next 2ish months) or I'll just put them in with Christmas cards.
     I am not as in to wedding planning as I was a few months ago... If I were to plan a wedding that was not mine, I would be all over but I feel kinda burnt out on my wedding.
     Anyone have advice on how to get over the wedding burn out?


  1. I went through the same exact thing about two months before our wedding. I got completely burt out and shut down. I took a week off to relax and do no wedding stuff whatsoever. I had "me" time and got a pedicure, took naps, went out to happy hour with my girls (no wedding talk allowed) and it really helped. You'll get your mojo back! Hang in there girl! xoxo


  2. When push comes to shove, you'll get back on track when you need to. If there isn't anything to do now, then take a breather. it should be fun, not tortuous, so if you're don't have to do anything now, then relax! Things will pick up in no time!


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