July 02, 2012

Wish Upon Starfish Hanger Sale!

     So do you all remember the post I did on Wish Upon Starfish? Well if you cant remember check it out Here!
     Well she is having an AMAZING sale right now! Those amazing hangers she makes Like the ones on this post! Well how would you like one for ONLY $4.50?

   That is the deal you can get right now but don't wait this is a one week only sale!

    Wile you are on her page buying hangers for your whole bridal party! Dont forget to check out her other products the bouquet holders are as sparkly as you can get, and don't get me started on her shoes on there I might never stop!

   Plus all of those AMAZING Beach decorations if you are having a beach wedding her Etsy store is a must stop! You can find amazing decorations bouquets and really pretty hair flowers no matter what theme your wedding is!

    Ok so I am kinda obsessed with these wedding hangers. Am I the only one? Are you planning on having a special hanger for your wedding dress? 

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