July 16, 2013

Dress fittings and why you should always have emergency money in the budget.

  I knew that when I got alterations to my dress it was not going to be cheap... I thought I only had to get my dress taken in 1 size then I ended up losing some weight and we ended up having to take the dress in almost 4 inches on both sides... THAT IS 8 INCHES...
    There are some very important tips that you should always remember when going to a dress fitting.

  • Wear ALL the undergarments that you are planning on wearing on your wedding day. (I didn't put on my longline bra for my first fitting meaning I had to get the dress adjusted again on the second fitting)
  • Wear the shoes you are planning on wearing for the wedding. They will be heming your dress so you want to make sure that your hem is the right length with your shoes. (Your slip/crinoline will also affect your hem so wear your slip/crinoline at all fittings)
  • If you are worried about your dress being pinned too tight or too loose do not be afraid to speak up. You are paying for this service don't say ok until you are happy with the way you are pinned.
  • Drink lots of water. If your wedding dress is anything like mine you are going to be HOT so make sure that you drink LOTS of water my seamstress told me stories of brides fainting at their fitting when I was asking my bridesmaid for water.
  • Make sure you have someone with you at your last fitting. If your dress is a lace up you will need someone who knows how to lace it up. Or how to do the buttons or how to just make sure it is on right. 
   My good friend told me that alterations were not cheap. I thought she was overreacting until I started calling around to get price quotes. 

   When I first went I was a bit in shock at the price I was given to take the dress in (I need to learn how to sew wedding dresses) Then after 3 fittings I got the bill and wanted to cry.... It was almost DOUBLE the price they quoted me.
   Always make sure to have extra money in the budget for unexpected expenses. If not you could be scrambling at the last minute to cut some costs or get more money because there will be at least one thing that goes over budget.

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  1. Congratulations!
    I didn't know you have to pay just for a few changes on the dress!
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