December 18, 2011

Christmas tradition

    Every one I know has Holiday Traditions, Doesn't matter if you have a tradition of a huge Christmas morning with presents and stocking or eating pizza and Chinese food on Christmas eve to get out of cooking. Traditions are part of your holiday for some reason or another.
    So now let me tell you about the little tradition I am starting with my little family! So ever sense my oldest daughters first Christmas (this year will be her 5th) We always wrapped up new Pajamas to open up Christmas eve and wear that night of course. Not only do I do it with my children, But it is something my mom did with us when we were little!
There is nothing better than new PJs! And It makes sure that the Little ones are not going to pick out their favorite (and very well worn) PJs To wear and to have lots and lots of pictures taken of them!
    For my oldest Ellie I bought her some panda Pjs. Not the ones pictured but I hate making posts without pictures so I found a pair of Panda Pjs on Google image. (I would post my own pictures but my usb went MIA and I am having a hard time finding it) She a lot like her mommy (Ms.Panda) Loves Pandas. So when I saw Panda Pjs I had to grab them right away!
    For my little one Emma I got her some Hello Kitty PJs. Hello Kitty is a pretty big deal in our house. Ellie even has a hello kitty bike! But with not being able to find much in Emma's size Hello Kitty related I knew she would love having her own Hello Kitty clothes!
   So now you know one of our Family traditions I would love for you to share one of your Family Traditions in a Comment!

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